ACRAN Spill Control System 
for Telecom Relay Racks

Standard Kit Includes:

  • (4 ) 30″ Long Barriers, ends cut at 45 degree angles
  • (4 ) 90 degree corners with connecting hardware
  • (10) 10″ x 10″ Neutra-Mats
  • (6 ) 3.5″ x 16: Neutra-Tubes
  • (4 ) Roll of Double Sided Tape


Order Part No.   2CUS0128

  • The system is designed to allow for quick, easy installation.
  • Installation is easy in either new or retrofit applications
  • No need to remove batteries or disasemble racks
  • Installs on most common floor substrates, including concrete and composite tile
  • Barrier adheres directly to floor and does not require anchor bolts or drilling
  • Each mat Absorbs and fully neutralizes (pH 7.0 to 9.0) 1 quart of battery electrolyte (1.300 Specific Gravity)
  • No foaming or heat generation (Meets provisions of 1994 UFC with 1996 Supplements, section 6404.5)
  • Brings Battery room into compliance with building codes and regulations
  • Neutra-Mats provide passive protection which reacts to a spill immediately, changing to pink color to indicate that spill has occurred
  • Environmentally friendly materials allow for safe installations
  • Minimal intrusion into maintenance aisle


Optional Acidsafe Floor Coating
Order Part No.   2CUS0129

  • Easy pour-in application technique
  • Ideal for protecting floors and prevents vertical seepage