Spill Containment






The Problem: Electrolyte Spills

With the official inclusion of Artcle 64 into the main body of the 1997 Uniform Fire Code, spill control systems are rapidly becoming standard equipment in all battery rooms. Spill Control is now a clear and legal necessity.The potential hazards associated with a battery electrolyte release come in two forms:

  1. When released, sulfuric acid can damage the building and its equipment as well as harm any personnel that come into contact with it. The acid can also damage the battery racks underneath them, thereby weakening the support structure.
  2. Electrolyte contained in older batteries can have measurable quantities of lead or lead sulfate which can result in hazardous contamination.


The Solution: Acran Spill Containment

Helps to bring battery room into compliance with building codes, federal and &nbsplocal regulations

Acidsafe coating protects floors and prevents vertical seepage

Neutra-Mats provide passive protection which reacts to a spill immediately, &nbspchanging color to indicate that a spill has occured

Installation is easy in either new or retrofit applications

Installs on most common floor substrates, including concrete and composite tile

Barrier adheres directly to floor and does not require anchor bolts or drilling.

Environmentally friendly materials allow for safe installations and minimal &nbspdisruption to facility

Thin profile minimizes intrusion into aisle

Epoxy does not require resealing every year maintaining a liquid tight barrier

Mats absorbs and neutralizes one (1) quart of acid maintaining PH of 7.0 to 9.0 &nbspat all times, even after full absorption 


Does your site meet the requirements of Article 64 of UFC?

Article 64 of the Uniform Fire Code states:

Each rack of batteries, or groups of racks, shall be provided with a liquid-tight, 4-inch spill control barrier which extends at least 1-inch beyond the battery rack in all directions.

An approved method to neutralize spilled electrolyte shall be provided. The method shall be capable of neutralizing a spill from the largest lead-acid battery to a pH between 7.0 and 9.0 (6404.5)



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