Power Service Concepts has continually stretched the landscape of the Battery industry by providing innovative solutions
and battery applications

The Cutting Edge

In order to remain one of the Battery Industry’s top Service providers, PSC has remained on the cutting edge of Battery Technology and Battery Applications. We have continually demonstrated through our work with our customers that we are dedicated to meeting our customers needs. We have provided Innovative solutions and stretched the boundaries of the Battery Industry Landscape.

WTC Project – Battery Powered Phone Trucks

Battery Powered Trucks
PSC was retained by Verizon Public Access to provide battery power for their cellular emergency communication vehicles. These vehicles were deployed to provide much needed communications for the downtown area in the aftermath of the World Trade Center Disaster. PSC utilized innovative tray designs and field charging stations to facilitate easy battery change out.


Future Innovation: Solar Power
During the project PSC designed and built a Solar solution for future deployment. The project accomplished two goals.

  1. Position an emergency ready truck for deployment 24 x 7. We are waiting approval to expand the concept to other trucks and geographic locations.
  2. Eliminate the cost of battery change out by combining enough solar and battery power to effectively operate the truck in the field indefinitely.


Con Edison Trailer Project

Portable Battery Trailers

PSC provided design, product, build out, delivery, rigging, exterior conduit, aerial structural support and acceptance testing for two portable battery trailers for temporary use. Both trailers were kept in service in excess of two years. Trailers included all HVAC, lighting, security, batteries, chargers & disconnects.



Phone Booths

Solar Powered Battery Phones
PSC is working with public access telephone providers to engineer, fabricate and deploy, solar/battery/cellular solutions.


Battery Monitors
PSC has partnered with Battery Monitoring companies to develop battery monitors utilizing new innovative technologies. New designs utilize daisy chain technology for simple installation and reduced product cost.