How We Got Here
We would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce Power Service Concepts to you and your organization. The following represents an historical accounting of who we are, how we got here, and what we can do to help your organization.

When we first became involved with the Stationary Battery Industry, and witnessed the lack of maintenance given to the battery, it was apparent to us that there were two major problems that had to be resolved.

  1. To educate the industry as to the complexities of the Battery Environment, and their need for continual support.
  2. To develop a support strategy that would provide 100% battery reliability, while still being cost effective.

We proceeded to develop a series of programs encompassing all pertinent IEEE specifications, as well as each Battery Manufacturer’s I/O Manuals. Over the last fourteen years, we have continued to develop and enhance the art of Battery Support.

In order to be able to justify high end Battery Environment Support it is important to understand the critical nature of proper maintenance of the DC Buss; the backbone of the emergency power supply. It is the least sophisticated, almost primitive component of a complex back-up system; yet without it, there is no back-up; therefore, making proper maintenance crucial.

We have been demonstrating for years, to customers in all areas of business, a way to maximize their operating dollars by minimizing installation, start-up and on-going maintenance problems. We have found over the last fourteen years in this industry, that most of the problems are a result of misunderstanding the complexities of the battery itself. We can make the statement that in any emergency repair or preventive maintenance procedure performed by PSC for our customers, there has not been a single battery related failure. This did not come about by accident; it is a product of our approach to the Battery Environment.

Power Service Concepts was formed with one purpose in mind; to specialize in the support of the Stationary Battery Environment.   Our founders and employees bring to you over one hundred years of collective experience in this very specialized field. There has not in the past been any company that has focused all of its attention on this very critical battery application, which is the heart of a system that today protects billions of dollars in equipment and information.

Power Service Concepts, Inc. was formed to fill this important void to provide the finest battery support in the industry.   Power Service Concepts will provide to you and your organization, uncompromising service techniques, which will guarantee optimum state of battery readiness to your back-up system. PSC’s enhancements of proven techniques, as well as innovative new Concepts, will bring you the ultimate performance your system is capable of providing. PSC has taken the art of Battery Support to levels never before dreamed of. Our new Concepts are revolutionizing the entire battery industry.

We continue to hear that a given job meets the “Minimum Acceptable Standards”. It is not up to us to determine the minimum acceptable standards with regard to installation and maintenance procedures; that can, and should only be done by the battery manufacturer. We will say; however, that we at Power Service Concepts, Inc. do not deal in minimum acceptable standards, especially with a system of the importance and proportions normally associated with the Stationary Battery Environment. We deal only in the optimum performance of the product and uncompromising integrity of the DC Buss Linkage. We will accept nothing less because your business, your customers, and our reputation are at stake.

Our geographic location enables us to provide for you, a one hour guaranteed response time for the entire PSC supported area already second to none in the industry. Guaranteed: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week utilizing our full time answering service and 20 personnel carrying beepers at all times.

Your company demands “Error Free” performance from your UPS environment. To that end we offer you, “Error Free” Battery Environment Support. All passive Concepts maintenance is performed “On-Line”, with no interruption of service. Our history of 100% flawless Concept support will assure that your system continues to provide needed back-up to your customer’s critical equipment throughout our Maintenance visits.